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What We Do

We handle all dental and medical equipment inquiries, including: repairs, installations, maintenance, consulting, rental, loans, and finance. We can diagnose and repair any kind of mechanical, electrical, and electronic devices. Our technicians use advanced tools for all repairs. Combined with broad knowledge and skills, we can resolve any dentist equipment problems.

Our repair specialization includes: Dental Chairs, Patient Lights, Delivery Systems, High Speed Handpieces, Slow Speed Motors, Surgical and Endo Motors and Equipment, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Ultrasonic and Piezzo Scalers, Curing Lights, Bleaching Lights, Intra-Oral X-Rays, Panoramic X-Rays, Laboratory Headpieces, Laboratory Motors, All Laboratory Equipment, Air Compressors, and Vacuum Pumps.

We can design your perspective practice and approve existing businesses for renovation, as well as accommodate you with the appropriate equipment. Our consulting capabilities ensure you are able to make the right decisions for your equipment purchasing.

Some of Our Products

Elevator Flag Shape , Cryer #26 Large (Right)   New Truline Standard Kit PINK (8oz. (226g) Powder, Powder Nozzle, 6oz. (177ml) Liquid*, 1/3oz. (10ml) Bonding Liquid, 20 Applicator Brushes, Mixing Cups, Powder Measure, Liquid Measure)   3.0mm Surgical No Clog   DE Probe Color Coded Left-Right Offset, Williams #116 (1-2-3-5-7-8-9-10mm), DuraLite ColorRings   DE Periodontal File, Schluger #9-10 DuraLite ColorRings Handle   #3 Coupland Aspirator with Holes    Diamond Burs FG 861-014 X-Fine Pk/5   Alpen Carbide 3 Round RA PK/10   Extension Cord for Handpiece Motor   Head Cap   Lynx™ Pro-5 Lowspeed Handpiece, 4-Hole (MTI)   Periodontal UltraFlex Bendable Electrodes (Macan)   After Five Plus - Straight, 25kHz   Arbor Bands Fine 120 grit 1/4" Pk/100   Alpen x1 Gross Reduction Diamond Burs, 6055-018 Coarse Pk/25   Spring Clip-On #912, Power 1.50x, Distance 20', +2D   AQUACUT Single Cartridge w/stand   Carver Lecron   Original Gutta Percha Points MF , 100/box   Scaler Jacquette 2Y-3Y   Molt Curettes (PacStar)   Estelite Sigma Quick PLT Refill (0.20gm x 20, 4gr /pk), WE   Replacement quick disconnect Swivel 5/8" Tubing   Trim Plus (Bosworth)   K-Reamers Size-100 28 mm 6/Pack   NiTi Rimers Size-45 31mm 6/Pack   MICRODONT FG 801-016 Fine Disposable Diamond Burs Pk/10   #2 Medium Chrome Dowel Pin Pk/1000   Osteotome with Stop, Convex, Curved, 2 mm   Diamond D Ultra Sep 1 Gallon   Disposable Prophy Angles Combo Pack Reg. Torque Cup, Coarse Mint Paste Pk/500   10 Gold Foil Wedelstaedt (10.5-15-3)   (5511) Disposable Traps Pk/144 (Fits Kavo-The Environment, Diameter 1 15/16")   BioSonic® Ultrasonic Scaler System (Coltene/Whaledent)   Diamond Burs FG 855L-007 Fine Pk/5   MICRODONT FG 835-010 Fine Disposable Diamond Burs   Probe/Explorer #23/OW Stainless Steel Handle   4R/4L Columbia Curette Resin Lavender   #LR+6 2nd Permanent Lower Molar Temgold Crowns Refill Pk/5   Calcium Hydroxide Points #50   Endo-Lite Attachment with (5) 1mm Fiber Guides (w/o illuminator)   Diamond Burs RA 801-018 Fine (USA #6) Pk/5   SporView® Culture Set Pk/20   Disposable Sleeves for Litex 695LED Box/500   #59 Directa Polycarbonate Crowns 2nd Lower Bicuspid (Short) Pk/5   Elevator Flag Shape , Cryer #44 Medium (Left)   Diamond Burs HP 859-010 Medium Pk/5   NiTi K-Files Size-35 25 mm 6/Pack   Endodontic Offset Condenser/Burnisher EK1R Double End   Gold-FG Burs G/249-012SC L1- 8 & L2 - 19.5 1 Each $2.99 (Pack/10)