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What We Do

We handle all dental and medical equipment inquiries, including: repairs, installations, maintenance, consulting, rental, loans, and finance. We can diagnose and repair any kind of mechanical, electrical, and electronic devices. Our technicians use advanced tools for all repairs. Combined with broad knowledge and skills, we can resolve any dentist equipment problems.

Our repair specialization includes: Dental Chairs, Patient Lights, Delivery Systems, High Speed Handpieces, Slow Speed Motors, Surgical and Endo Motors and Equipment, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Ultrasonic and Piezzo Scalers, Curing Lights, Bleaching Lights, Intra-Oral X-Rays, Panoramic X-Rays, Laboratory Headpieces, Laboratory Motors, All Laboratory Equipment, Air Compressors, and Vacuum Pumps.

We can design your perspective practice and approve existing businesses for renovation, as well as accommodate you with the appropriate equipment. Our consulting capabilities ensure you are able to make the right decisions for your equipment purchasing.

Some of Our Products

(5509) Disposable Traps Box/144 (Fits DCI/Belmont Reality Models, System 6000 Models, Diameter 1 1/2")   Work Light - Dual / 110V   Alpen Carbide 1/4 Round RA PK/10   23/CP-12 Expro   Disposable Scalpels with Stainless Steel Blades Sterile (Crosstex)   Masque (Bosworth)   Absorbent Paper Points #45   TruTip™ Plus Air/Water Syringe Tips Clear, Bulk Pk/1500   Horizontal Post Mount Bracket (DCI)   Test Strip Indicators Pk/250   Best-Etch (Vista)   #UL1 1st Permanent Upper Molar Temgold Crowns Refill Pk/5   6" Endo Ruler w/Clip   Plastic Filling Instrument #5   Replica Alginate Regular Set (Mint) 50 pound drum   Photo Curing Bulb - 24V 200W (#5) (Prisma Lite; Rolux)   Lower Right Primary 2nd #4 Refill   Replica Alginate Regular Set (Non-Flavor) 20 1-lb containers   Implant DE Scaler, Langer #1-2   Hyflex X-File Stainless Steel #08, 6/Box   3/4R Gracey Rigid   GripRite Metric CW Aspirating Syringe, Pink Silicone Grips   SS Roach Clasps Straight Molar Large Pk/100   "New" Smiler Expanders (G. Hartzell & Son)   BegoClip® P insertion pins for female parts, Pk/2   Aluminum Shells, pk/100. Refill #1   1:1 Contra Angle MontBlanc with Fiber Optics   Sig. Series Grips (4) Yellow   Cross Cut Fissure Flat End HP (Meisinger)   Econoback 2 Ply Tissue with Poly Teddy Bear   Flame Diamond Burs 863-016 X-Fine, Pk/5   Extended Gracey Double End Curette SGE13/14SS - Standard Handle   Disposable Face Shields (Splash Shield)   Extended Gracey Cone Socket Curette GE3S - Stainless   Universal Cut & Hold Distal End Cutter   Cotton/Dressing Plier IPLC   Liberator Files .02 Taper Procedur Kit   HP Shank Carbide Burs - Round HP 4 (10/pkg)   HELIX Dental Operatory System   X-Cut HM 139GX-023HP Medium Blue Ring Each   Small Cassette, SS 5 Instruments, Yellow   Flexi-Glide Utility Tips 25ga Yellow Pk/50   #LR-4 1st Permanent Lower Space Maintainer Crowns w/Tube Pk/2   Christensen Crown Remover Straight (Anterior)   Coe-Pak ( GC America )   Lab Work Pans (Keystone)   Ultra Clean Lubricated Air Compressor 2 Users, Air Dryer, 1HP, 10 Tank Gallons, 208V (230V Option Available)   BesQual Vibrator (Meta)   Gelato Prophy Paste Medium Cherry x 12oz.   Rigid Gracey Cone Socket Curette GL12S - Stainless